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14 September 2021 - 21 September 2022
Photonics Technology and Innovation Event
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Open until 22 September 2022

“Photonics and photonic technology enabled products are all around you. Your mobile phone has a photonics camera and a photonics display. Your television has a photonics display and you interact with it through a photonics enabled handheld controller. Your computer has a photonics display, a photonics camera, and your printer has a photonics scanner. Your home has photonic LED lighting and is protected by infrared photonic motion sensors. Everywhere you look, you see photonics and, everyday it is highly probable that you use several or more photonic enabled products”

The reason for this Photonics Technology and Innovation Event

Photonics is in Europe seen as one of the essential key technologies for the digital transformation and the green transition of Europe. France and the Netherlands play a major role in these transformations. According to Photonics Market Study 2017 (Optech Consulting), France and the Netherlands are in the top positions in Europe, in Photonics production and Photonics Employees.

Both countries want to learn from each other, look for common economic benefits and technical/research challenges in the field of photonic technologies and stay a frontrunner thanks to  new photonics enabled innovations.

From September 2021 up to September 2022 a series of events will be organized. Starting in September with two webinars on specific photonic applications and/or photonics technologies followed by a potential visit to a trade fair in October and an innovation mission to Paris in November were the Dutch and French Photonics Clusters meet each other.

Who should participate in the ‘France – the Netherlands Photonics Innovation Cooperation Event’?

Photonic Companies, institutes/universities interested in photonics technology development and research

Industrial stakeholders looking for new (photonic) enabled technologies in applications in France and the Netherlands.

Companies, SMEs, start-ups, clusters and associations as well as research institutes, universities and policy makers who are interested to establish and play an active part in this cooperation.

This event aims for a broad collaborative approach, it is therefore our pleasure to invite you to participate in our cooperation platform. Let’s work together to move forward!

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France 6
Netherlands 15
Total 21


Startup 2
Company (SME) 8
Company (Industry) 3
R&D Institution 3
Association/Agency 2
Authority/Government 3
Total 21